Rayla Melchor Santos with Ellen Firestone


Co-convenor of United for Human RIghts: Phillypine Initiative and
Board Trustee, Global Education Motivators, Philadelphia, US


I met Ellen through Youth for Human RIghts International (YHRI). Both Ellen and I were using their educational material and one of the directors said we had to meet each other since we both had such passion for what each of us was doing. After an exchange of emails and across the seas, we put together United for Human RIghts Phillypines Initiative with the tagline: making human rights a fact from Philadelphia to the Philippines.


We did meet in Philadelphia and participated in the Declare Peace Fair  in July 2011 right next to the Liberty Bell. Since, we have gotten together & have spoken yearly for the 7-9th UN Teachers Conference for Teaching Human Rights and Peace (UNTCHRP) in New York.

We are unstoppable because the sun never sets on human rights and the sisters!

Rayla Melchor Santos File