Rayla Melchor Santos with Melissa Columna

Guidance Counselor, Tunasan Elementary School (TES), School District of Muntinlupa AND
the 1ST I AM SAM S.T.A.R. (Someone To Appreciate and Recognize) AWARDEEMelissa was awarded the 1ST I AM SAM S.T.A.R. (Someone To Appreciate and Recognize) AWARD on January 18, 2014
during the monthly I AM SAM E.S.P. MEETING in PEDHS (Pedro E. Diaz High School), Muntinlupa.  Melissa SO deserves it!

Not only did she get the stakeholders of the school, particularly the principal and the parents to paint the Tunasan ES in the I AM SAM colors of pink and green, engage the I AM SAM Ambassadors to welcome each child every morning with the greeting “Tashi Deley” translate and explain its meaning in  Filipino, put up  I AM SAM Mentor Banners, hold Parent and Teacher Orientations, go classroom-to-classroom and explain the I AM SAM PEP to the children but she brought it a step further. Melissa strengthened her personal initiative of awarding students that get 100 or a perfect score and those who exemplify good values with the I AM SAM practice of valuing both character and competence and jointly came up with a new look for the I AM SAM – TES Academic and Character Excellence S.T.A.R. Award*. The end in mind of an I AM SAM PEP School is an overall improvement in the school which includes academic performance.  A child who feels good about herself will perform best!
Melissa is trailblazing this practice in the School District of Muntinlupa.

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